Saturday, July 05, 2008

I saw that the new members were supposed to introduce themselves. Very well. I will be happy to oblige.

My real name is Evan (Don't worry, I won't tell you how to reach me). I live in Lincoln, NE, and have six siblings. I just graduated from high school about one week after this last Chesterton conference in Saint Paul (Yes I was homeschooled; we used mostly Mother of Divine Grace). Although I love philosophy, literature, and Great Books, I am planning to be a Music Composition major at the University of Nebraska this fall.
I think I was always a Chestertonian, because I have always loved fairy tales, I write stories with improbable motives and characters sprinkled through like salt, I have always liked Lewis Carroll, and I have yet to read a modern psychological novel. I was introduced to Chesterton through The Ballad of the White Horse, which I read for Mideval History. The book that really got me interested, however, was Orthodoxy, which I read about a year later. My favorite Chesterton book is The Man who was Thursday.
One final note. Despite what people may say, The Lord of the Rings is for whimsy lovers and Alice-quoters.


Algernon said...

Welcome to our revels! ;-)

Though if your remark about The Lord of the Rings is in any way an insult to its exelence, let me inform you that you are in grave error.

Mythology Master said...
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Mamselle Duroc said...

Hearty welcomes!

Personally I consider 'whimsical' to be a wonderful trait. It's one of the chief traits of children... it's what makes them so wide-eyed and full of wonder. So I'm assuming your comment on LotR to be in its favor. The world could do with more whimsy.

Seeing that you're a fan of Chesterton, Carroll, and fairy tales, am I safe in assuming that you also find whimsy to be a wonderful thing?