Monday, January 22, 2007

Game Est


1. When did you first read a Chesterton book, story, or poem, and which was it?
The Complete Father Brown, as soon as I read The Shadow of the Bear. By the time this is post is published, that will be five years ago.

2. What was the most recent of GKC's writings you read?
The Everlasting Man, and I'm still re-reading it.

3. Which is your favorite book, poem - or quote?
How is one to choose??? However, since I've only scratched the surface of Chesterton's works, I can safely say "all that I have read so far." I also have a voluminous scrapbook of quotes.

4. Which would you recommend to a beginner?
I am in no position to recommend something to a beginner, being one still myself. However, for a first book, something with an intriguing narrative thread would be advisable. Maybe The Man Who Knew Too Much, or The Man who was Thursday, and of course, Father Brown.

5. What is the most unusual fact or quirky detail you know about G.K.Chesterton?
One that I'm sure everyone else knows.

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