Friday, October 27, 2006

ChesterTeens Sweatshirt

I am planning to make my new sweatshirt into a ChesterTeens sweatshirt using iron-ons. And I was thinking it would be cool if the ChesterTeens each made one. I will post the design once I've made it but before that I need help designing it.

I was thinking "Proud to be a ChesterTeen" on the front and a quote on the back, but what quote? And should the front be different? Please comment what you think. I need help.


Lewis the Editor said...

That’s an excellent idea, Ria! What do you think of each Chesterteen choosing his/her own quote? Otherwise, the quote, "Angels can fly because they can take themselves lightly” might be a good one, as it seems to be the Chesterteens’ theme quote, (at the moment, at least).

Ria said...

Yes, good idea. I don't really care as to which plan we should take. What does everyone else think? And, lewis the editor, what would you prefer?

Margaret said...

Cool idea, Ria!
I also like Lewis's idea of everyone using a different quote.
I'll try to get Gilbertgirl on to give her opinion.

Lewis the Editor said...

I think perhaps I would prefer to choose a Chesterton quote that suited me personally. It would rather fun, I would imagine.
What about the colour scheme? Does it matter?

Ria said...

Yes, I think that would be cool. I don't think the color scheme matters much, mine's pale pink,I'd say use whatever color you want.

Now the question is what quote should I use?

Chestertonian said...

"The hands that made the sun and the stars were too small to reach the huge heads of the cattle."

From "The God in the Cave" in The Everlasting Man,. Probably my all-time favorite Chesterton quote, and sure to inspire questions and inspire conversation. :)

gilbertgirl said... about a Chesterteens coat of arms on the front?????

Ria said...

That would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!