Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Chesterword

Thanks to Cottage Blessings we have been making tons of puppets with little craft spoons. Anyone who knows me very well could probably guess that I would make one of Chesterton. My four-year old sister Kate made many, Bob, Bobby, Bob the builder and then Chesterton!
Last night, when she was trying to say Chesterton, a slip of the tounge caused her to say Chesterpin and so she coined the term for what you see on the side of this post.

Update I aded my own Chesterpin.


Ria said...

Another chesterword (courtesy of Kate) Chesterchin!!

Margaret said...

Chesterchin?!? Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

A Chesterword (does that need to be capitalized???): Chesterkin. Meaning anyone related to Chesterton.

Alice said...

How fun! We all love Chesterton here too. I'm so glad to see the "spoon saints" idea put to such good use!

Love, Agnes Gunther, age 13

Ria said...

Yes we had fun with the spoon saints, thanks very much to you and your family for giving us the idea. (: