Monday, July 10, 2006

Chesterton and the Da Vinci Code

I absolutely LOVED this talk. Carl Olson is sooooo funny! He was cracking jokes through almost the whole talk, it was hilarious. I was supposed to clean my room for twenty minutes and so I decided to listen to part of his talk, I was in my room for at least an hour.
He began by asking how many people had read and/or watched The Da Vinci Code, he then remarked for those peoples benifit that there would be confessions later on.
He also read a review by Barnes and Noble on this book, The Da Vinci Hoax. They seem to think that since The Da Vinci Code is "just fiction" that it's not dangerous.
On the contrary I think it is more dangerous in the form of novel because people are more likely to be interested in reading a novel than a non-fiction book.

He continued througout the talk to summarize the inconsistencies in Dan Brown's novel. The absurdness of these, plus Carl Olson's sarcasim made for a absolutely hilarious talk. My brother and I had a great time.

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Carl E. Olson said...

Great review! I can't wait to hear the talk. I would have listened to it already, but I really don't like listening to my talks. Thanks for the kind words. Keep on reading, writing, and reading some more.