Saturday, July 08, 2006

"Abandon All Hopelessness Ye Who Enter Here"

We just got the set of ChesterCon CDs. I have finished Dale Ahlquist's and Carl Olsen's, and I really like them both. I am going to blog about Dale Ahlquist's first and then do Carl Olsen's.
Dale Ahlquist's was really good, it was really funny too. He read the last paragraph of the Charles Dickens book, which talks mostly about eternity. Then he said"That may be the end of the book but it is not the end of this talk, you are just beginning to learn the meaning of eternity."(:
And then of course there are the actual Chesterton quotes that are always hilarious. Like this one:

The strength of Cromwell was that he cared for religion, but the strength of relgion was that it did not care for Cromwell.

But it wasn't all laughter, he was explaining to us about hope. That hope isn't pessimism or optimism but that it is a the happy medium between these extremes. Of course he had many great Chesterton quotes to go with it and I'll try do my best to remember them.

The optimist is the person who thinks all the world is good except the pessimist and the pessimist is the person who thinks that all the world is bad except himself.

(to be continued) (hopefully:)


Chestertonian said...

To all Chesterteens: this is wonderful!! I did not know about this site, but Nancy Brown linked to it tonight on the ACS blog. I can't believe it: a Chesterton blog by and for teens. You guys/gals are in the front lines in the effort to spread the word about Chesterton to the whole world. Keep at it.

And I will promo this blog in the next issue of Gilbert Magazine, and will tell the rest of the Gilbert mag staff about it too.

Sean P. Dailey, editor-in-chief, Gilbert Mag

Carl E. Olson said...

Please do continue your comments, because I'd like to read the many wonderful, kind, and glorious things you'll write about my talk! ;-) And ditto Sean's comment: it's great to see so many younger folks reading Chesterton. My one regret re: Chesterton is that I didn't really read him in earnest until I was 23 years old. Keep up the blogging. And reading!

Chestertonian said...

You're doing better than me, Carl. I didn't discover Chesterton until I was in my 30s. Yikes!

Ria said...

Thanks for the comments. I feel so honored getting comments from both of you.

gilbertgirl said...

I feel very grateful to Regina Doman, who introduced me to Chesterton through 'The Shadow of the Bear' before I turned eleven!!!!