Thursday, May 07, 2009

The title is the link.

A link to a blog with a link toan essay inspired by the ideas from a chapter in a dissertation written by a
fan of Chesterton.


Old Fashioned Liberal said...

"Only a living tree grows too many branches"

---G.K. Chesterton

(How did I do quoting Chesterton from memory, Dr. Thursday?)

"I see you are not one to be trifled with"

----The Princess Bride

Dr. Thursday said...

That does not sound familiar, but I shall check AMBER...
Ah, here we are. is only the live tree that
grows too many branches.
GKC "A Great Man" in Tremendous TriflesAlas your title is NOT the link. Your link, moreover, goes to the flying-ins, and not to your posting. Fortunately it is clear that the uppermost posting there is yours - which also goes to a link.

It is interesting to note that these links are technically "graphs" rather than "trees"... a computer scientist would revise that quote to read: " is only the live graph that grows too many edges."

Hee hee.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

"You have a dizzing intellect"

-Princess Bride

Do you have any more quotes, OFL?