Friday, October 17, 2008


Yesterday was the Lincoln City Libraries booksale, and I bought an illustrated history of philosophy for fifty cents. Unfortunately, there is no chapter on Chesterton. In its mixed-blessing pages, however, there is a chapter on Shopenhauer, Chesterton's archtypical enemy, and it paints the philosopher in metaphorical glowing colors. I must find out where this history is in error. You will find out too, do not worry. There is one painting of the philosopher in the book, however, and in its literally glowing colors, I see not only a picture of the evil fatalist, but also a resemblance to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Coincidence? Of course not. Either St. Pio or Fr. Grochel said "There are no coincidences," an observation I subscribe to wholeheartedly

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relentless said...

Chesterton wasn't a philosopher, so that might answer your question. Also, the only refuter of Schopenhauer is Nietzsche who was not Christian, so that should dissapoint you, but certainly Christianity does not bother Schopenhauer. Like most philosophers he just shrugs it off.

The consequences of denying Christianity are rather pessimistic for Schopenhauer, but I respect his opinion, and think he was a great writer and philosopher.