Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From the Moderator: A Few Brief Thoughts on Discussing Matters of Disagreement

I would like to remind all of our members that graciousness to guests and fellow bloggers is expected at all times - whether you agree with them or not. Graciousness and good humor were essential characteristics of our beloved GKC and well-worth emulating.

Keep in mind that the tone a comment or post is intended to portray is sometimes difficult to ascertain (especially in times of disagreement) unless great care is given to one's choice of words. So please read through your posts and comments before publishing them.

Also, in general, I'd like to request that we don't stray too far from our Chestertonian theme here and that responses to comments be posted to the appropriate comments box rather than as a new post.

Thanks much!

Your friendly neighborhood moderator.

By the way the moderator and the president are considering a division of blogs to further accomodate our recent growth. We are thinking that it might be beneficial to have separate blogs for high school and college age Chestertonians. We would be very much interested in your input on the subject. Please e-mail me at love2learnmom at gmail dot com with your thoughts.


Old Fashioned Liberal said...

I'm very sorry if I offended or got off topic...I certainly didn't see anything wrong with my comments or posts. Would you be so kind as to explain what was wrong with the one you removed so that I can improve?

Love2Learn Mom said...

You didn't offend, just needed a chance to think about our m.o. here. :)

1. It should have been posted as a follow-up comment to your original post, since you were directly addressing another commenter about a specific comment (and thus the post came up as completely out-of-context - someone stumbling upon our Chesterton-themed blog would probably be completely lost).

2. The subject line: "Whats wrong with my book on Schopenhauer" is problematic in tone - particularly since it's out of context. Other parts of the post had problems with tone too - as I noted in the general reminder, it doesn't have to be intended to be a problem. It's more that we have to give more consideration to tone (particularly in an online format) in order not to cloud reasonable discussion with emotion and frustration on either or both sides.

I think in general, we've been straying too far from the topic of Chesterton lately. Let's try getting back to discussions of his writings, sharing favorite quotes, etc. etc.

Thanks much!

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

Thank you too. I suppose that my mental associations are a bit too prolific and far fetched to be actually acted upon in public.

Love2Learn Mom said...

Your gracious response is much appreciated. :)

don pedro said...

I vote against the division of the blog. I'm not sure this works like a democracy, but I like the mixing of age levels. =)