Friday, November 20, 2009

A few quotes

I've been rereading parts of The Wisdom and Innocence for a college admission essay I'm working on, and came across several absolutely lovely quotes:

"I am overwhelmed with an enormous sense of my own worthlessness- which is very nice and makes me dance and sing."

"The principle objection to an argument is that it interrupts a quarrel."

"I knew pages of Shakespeare's blank verse without a notion of the meaning of most of it; which is perhaps the right way to begin to appreciate verse."


Dr. Thursday said...

I wonder whether you mean this?

"Perhaps the principal objection to a quarrel is that it interrupts an argument."
[GKC Autobiography CW16:187]

Just to be complete in case someone wonders where these are from, the blank verse quote comes from CW16:26, and the "worthless" one is from his very first letter to Frances, recorded by Maisie Ward in RTC 29.

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

The first true!! Sometimes.