Sunday, July 26, 2009

ChesterTeens In Seattle?

Are any of you going to Seattle for the Chesterton Conference?

If you do, please watch and see if you spot Lucy or Ben - or Toby.

(See here for further information.)

And perhaps if you don't go, you'll get to read about the conference anyway... it's rumoured that Barclay Livingston may be attending!


RoseinFaith said...

No!! I'm not coming! *sob* *sniff* *pathetic whimpering*. It's too far away. My mother says I can go if it's in Ponchatoula...*sniff sniff*

So certain people had better post about it on the Chesterton blogs, or I'll miss out on all the fun entirely.


Old Fashioned Liberal said...

I'm not going either. I have relatives in Denver that I'm meeting with on that date. I'd sniff sniff too, but then you'd think that I didn't like my delightful Italian relatives and their marvelous cooking.

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

And who is Barclay Livingston? Sorry to sound so like an ignoramus, but I had to ask.

Dr. Thursday said...

You're not an ignoramus, OFL - it is merely that you have not yet read Special Guests.

And no I am not going to be in Seattle. I will have to rely on the reports from others. But perhaps, when I finish my present tduties and get some time, there will be a sequel to the above story, which might be a lot of fun for those of us who have to stay at home.

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

Actually I did read that story, but I'm not good with names. Plus I assumed that you had made up Barclay Livingston. It was a good story, by the way, with lots of suspense.