Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Reading...

Common Sense 101 by Dale Alquhist. (I have an autographed copy. Tuea Huea!)

And I was wondering...

He says that we need both politics and religion. Well, for those of us who find politics boring and religion fascinating, ought we try to like politics, or at least be good at talking about it?

In other words, Should I be worried about this:

There once was a blogger named Evan
Who thought politics wasn't heaven
And when he died,
His soul was fried.

Or this:

There once was a liberal, old fashioned
Who engaged in politics-bashin'
Such an ingnoring
Set his brain snoring.


Dr. Thursday said...

This happens to be easy to clarify, and requires nothing more than an appeal to your own lofty title, oh OFL!

The simple response is "politics" is not as dirty as the modern media would lead one to expect - in the same manner as being "liberal" is far more "Right" than "Left". (hee hee) But perhaps these verbal fireworks are distracting.

Politics refers to the right ordering of human society - the mere practical elements of the Second Great Commandment... "and who IS my neighbour?"

I could give references to the ILN essays for Sept 29 1906 or March 24 1934 where GKC links "polite" and "police" and the Greek word for city (polis) or "polite" and "civil"... but politics comes from the same root too. It is just too much to try to burden a comment-box, and alas I have other projects I must attend to. Really, this looks like a splendid research project: GKC on politics...

If you want the concordance for these words, please let me know.

Humble Eagle said...

politics (used with a sing. or pl. verb) The often internally conflicting interrelationships among people in a society.

Politics are just like sports, they are more fun to engage in than to watch.