Sunday, February 08, 2009

By request: The Ballad of an ALMOST-Dead Blog

In the deeps of e-space, that gives birth, (like a god,
From nothing), to websites, text sites, journals, and blogs,
There lived The Chesterteens, fairest blog, and first.
(If you won’t post a comment, I will write verse) .

She collected some children, put them ’neath her wing,
And from them, learned Chesterton’s truth of many things.
O! for those old days when this blog fairly burst!
When some would write comments, and some would write verse!

For many long months, she lived with life bounding
For, being like mind, she could live on posting
But then things fell silent, so low that I durst
Say “If you won’t comment, then I will write verse.”

Her falling was caused by both lover and dragon
The beast was a failure, the lover a human
Together they threatened to send her a hearse
For one could not comment, the other wrote verse!

Until the over-poster, realizing his crime
Decided to combat the disaster with rhyme
And with full satire, he said with a burst
“If you won’t post a comment, I will write verse.”

And suddenly galloping like knights to her aid
Came two handsome comments. Her peril they stayed!
One was old Dr. Thursday’s, t’other’s Mom Who Learn’st’s
They posted a comment, I ought not write verse.

But in a brave effort to renew the blog’s quest
These two learned typing heroes made a request
For newly-wrote poetry, they have a thirst
Despite their two comments, I still have writ verse!


Ancient Greek Philosopher said...


I noticed you used the word "verse" at the end of each paragraph (what is it called in poetry? A stanza?). I take it that's a poetry thing, right?

Love2Learn Mom said...

I like it!

Gandalf said...

Bravo! Bravissimo!!

gigi said...

You are an inspiration to us all!

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

Quite honestly, I didn't think this would come off so well...I was expecting a few people to get offended. I may be vain, but I'm not so vain that I want someone to get offended just so that I can say I was right.

Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

It seems that EVERY blog has a moment or two of "dead time".

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

Yes. I will have to start another posting surge, I suppose.