Friday, December 12, 2008

The Joke's on Chesterton

Here's some Chestertonian humor (meaning about Chesterton, not from him).

1. Three Scots are going to play a musical trio. It is written for Bagpipe, Tuba, and Bells. Being a valuble family heirloom, the bagpipe is kept in an old trunk. The tuba of course is very heavy. One of the players, while asking the other two what instrument they want, stubs his toe. This is what he says:

"Dee yee want the instrument o' chest, or ton, or Bell...Och!"

2. Q. If Mrs. Chesterton had had a child, and they had gone to play at a playground, and Mrs. Chesterton had died from playing to hard, what would we call her?
A. St. Frances of A See-Saw.

3. A not-so-absurd sentence:

To the painted Ball, add a White Worse with A Piece of Chalk; make it Leap into a
fence, Or, though ducks be in it, a lake (for the purpose of removing insects from its hide; make sure the ticks are in the hair, not the Hair on ticks).


Ancient Greek Philosopher said...

Ha Ha!!! I didn't quite get the
third one though.

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

Every out of place capital letter begins a pun of a title of a work by Chesterton. "Ball add a White Horse" is "The Ballad of the White Horse," "A Piece of Chalk" is "A Piece of Chalk," "Leap into" is "Lepanto" (Did you know that the computer does not think that Lepanto is a word?), "Or though ducks be" is "Orthodoxy" and "Hair on ticks" is "Heretics."

Mythology Master said...

Very funny.

Skink_123 said...

He he :D