Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thank a computer scientist...

In response to Dr. Thursday's request, I have written a work of verse fiction. Please visit

A Request, a Falsehood and a Wishful Thought

to read it. It is very Chestertonian.


Old Fashioned Liberal said...

Somebody made it work! :) But we lost the code lesson. :(

Love2Learn Mom said...

Sorry for losing the coding thing on you. Here's my attempt to explain it, with a simpler example.

In explaining it to someone, you have to switch something out, otherwise you won't be able to see the coding itself. What I'm doing is use parentheses. You will have to trade these in for angular brackets before the code will actually work.

If you want to create a link to the Flying Ins blog, here's what it would look like (remember to switch the brackets).

(a href="")The Flying Ins(/a)

There's a space between "a" and "href".

Hope that helps some.

Your friendly neighborhood blogmistress. :)