Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Ball and the Cross Discussion Part One

Since I just finished this, and my mom is in the process of reading it, and we both love it, we though it would be a good time for a discussion. So to begin with:

Why did MacIan and Turnbull attack Mr. Wimpey?


Lewis the Editor said...

This is just an idea--
I think it was, in a way, a kind of test to show him the untruth of his philosophy. And, as was shown, Wimpey didn't really believe in violence as the ultimate thing, or he would have participated in it himself.
Does that make any sense?

don pedro said...

Definitely! He worshiped violence but wouldn't worship it in his own action. He was a lukewarm violence-ist, so both Ian and Turnbull were disgusted. =)

Old Fashioned Liberal said...

I haven't read The Ball and the Cross, but I certainly will now!

RoseinFaith said...

I think I agree with Lewis and Don Pedro for the most part.

Here's another thought: perhaps this is also an illustration of the difference between a love for violence and a love for a fight.

All Christian men should willingly rise to battle (literally or figuratively) in defense of what is good; someone who worships violence will rise to fight for the sake of violence alone.

If you'd like to, we could compare Wimpey with the Dane Ogier in "The Ballad of the White Horse." Ogier worships violence, too. However, there is a stark difference between the characters of Ogier and Wimpey; it would be interesting to look at the differences between them and the reasons for those differences.

God Bless,