Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hey New Members

Could you all introduce yourselves, either in the comment box or in a separate post? Thanks!


Rob said...

Alright. I'm Rob MacArthur. I'm here to make sure you crazy kids don't get up to too much mischief, with your hyjinx and your shenanigans and your goings-on and your loud music and your hula-hoops.

I think I accidentally named this blog.

don pedro said...


Hi everyone I met at Chestercon! I'm here because Ria was so nice as to invite me, and because I am crazy about Chesterton (which is nothing new for you guys, who make my devotion look tame). Chau! =)

~Saludos desde Buenos Aires

Algernon said...

Hola hola!

Que bueno! Welcome! What ho! I wasn't at C.C. but mi madre es una Portena transplantada, y Buenos Aires esta on my -must see- list!

Welcome again!

don pedro said...

Qué suerte, che! Gracias a Dios que no soy el único porteño alejado de su cuidad tan añorada!