Monday, May 26, 2008

" Thou art translated!"

" Indeed, put the terrestrial sphere on a clothsline," flung off the fiddle-faced Farrier, suffering his duke to take a header situatied upon the tea-wagon within the bounderies of a laid-off despondency.

Don't worry! It's not as bad as you think. When some friends were over a couple days ago we translated a paragraph form Manalive using a Thesaurus. It's a game I may have invented!

Here is the origional:

"`Oh, hang the common world!' said the sullen Smith, letting his fist fall on the table in an idle despair.


Lucia said...

Simply splendid! Bravo! One of the best word games I've played in quite a while! Here's the result of one of my experiments:

"Daddy Beige recoiled, and nictitated as if he were a human being roused from the arms of Morpheus."

The original, from "The Vanishing of Vaudrey" a Father Brown tale:

"Father Brown started, and blinked like a man awakened from sleep."

Algernon said...

Fun! Daddy Beige took me a second.;-)

Algernon said...


I just noticed common; it's a typo.

Hans Lundahl said...

teawagon, however, is not any table - it is as the name implies, a wagon to serve tea on

it is to brittle for the exercise here described

Algernon said...

Oh come, my boy! If it were a matter of life and death we could pick a quarrel with the thesaurus, but on this occasion does it matter especially?

Hans Lundahl said...

It is only that I actually had a teawagon in the home when I was small - as for the Thesaurus it is not necessarily wrong, it is just that it sometimes gives "synonyms" that are really either "hyponyms" (teawagon is a special kind of table) or "hypernyms" (table would be the general category of teawagon, if you had looked the other way).