Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Quote of the Day

From the Illustrated London News, July 10th 1926:

People have even had the brazen ignorance and insolence to talk of the ladies of Jane Austen as if they were sentimental and over-refined. The most sentimental of her heroines (and few of them were sentimental) would have thought all this modernstuff a nightmare of refinement. The author of "Sense and Sensibility" would have locked up in a lunatic asylum half of the bold, free, educated heroines in modern books, for the very sound reason that they were raving mad with sensibility and a danger to any person of sense.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

P.S. I haven't been able to find any very St. Patrick's Dayish Chesterton quotes. But if any of you know any, please do comment with them.


Algernon said...

Ha, ha! Happy St. Patric's Day (a little late) Go J.A. !!!!!

(I'm feeling rather explosive)

Ria said...

Same to you!!!! Ditto on JA