Monday, October 08, 2007

Email from Aidan Mackey to the ChesterTeens

I am not, alas!, in the age-group you cater for, but I met some of you at the St. Paul Chesterton Conference in June, and just wish to repeat what I constantly say --that it is, in my old age (85 last Monday) an enormous benediction to see and meet the growing number of intelligent young people who are discovering G.K.C.
That splendid conference was my last because on the flight back to England my foot became badly swollen (nearly ten hours in the cramped economy class), and that is a warning sign. For the first time, attendance passed the 500 mark, so that future conferences must be in a larger auditorium......... marvellous!
Blessings and good wishes to you all,
Aidan Mackey
(The oldest & noisiest Chestertonian)

Read more about Aidan Mackey here. The information there given seems to indicate that Aidan Mackey was the original ChesterTeen. (:


Nancy C. Brown said...

Cool! Congratulations. To have met someone who walked with Ada Chesterton (Gilbert's sister-in-law) is a great thing, something you will always remember.

Lewis the Editor said...

Wow, that's neat! I wish I could have gone to the conference. Ah well. Next time, perhaps.

Mapaz said...

Thanks for posting about it, I've liked it so much!! I wish I could have gone to the conference too. Let's hope I can attend the next.

Lucia said...

That's neat! Wish I could meet the noisiest Chestertonian;)

Wonder who's the youngest?

Ria said...

Mrs. Brown- I will never forget it, any more then I could forget that wonderful conference, it's very difficult to imagine it being more perfect.

Lewis and mapaz- I hope you can too, I'll be praying.

Lucia- I don't know, I guess that would depend on your definition of Chestertonian.

mcannon said...

I'm probably maybe the...14th youngest Chestertonian?

Lewis the Editor said...

There was an old man in our church (now passed away, sadly) who had met Chesterton himself once when he was three years old. He was a bit scared of him, I think, but then he was only three.