Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Poetry... um Tuesday

I really must beg your pardon for my extreme neglect of this blog. A post about the homeschool blog awards to top a blog devoted to Chesterton for several weeks is really inexcusable. Poetry is a much better heading for this blog, and so voila I post poetry... Gloria in Profundis By G.K. Chesterton to be exact.

There has fallen on earth for a token
A god too great for the sky.
He has burst out of all things and broken
The bounds of eternity:
Into time and the terminal land
He has strayed like a thief or a lover,
For the wine of the world brims over,
Its splendour is split on the sand.

Who is proud when the heavens are humble,
Who mounts if the mountains fall,
If the fixed stars topple and tumble
And a deluge of love drowns all-
Who rears up his head for a crown,
Who holds up his will for a warrant,
Who strives with the starry torrent,
When all that is good goes down?

For in dread of such falling and failing
The fallen angels fell
Inverted in insolence, scaling
The hanging mountain of hell:
But unmeasured of plummet and rod
Too deep for their sight to scan,
Outrushing the fall of man
Is the height of the fall of God.

Glory to God in the Lowest
The spout of the stars in spate-
Where thunderbolt thinks to be slowest
And the lightning fears to be late:
As men dive for sunken gem
Pursuing, we hunt and hound it,
The fallen star has found it
In the cavern of Bethlehem.

And actually I did not get this one from poem hunter... I found it here.
I am reminded again by this poem that you do not have to understand everything that you read. (:

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Lucia said...

I do not quite understand it all either, but it is a beautiful poem.