Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Tremendous Trifle

We received the September issue of St. Joseph Messenger today. The first notice for its annual writing contest was published in this issue. On the announcement page they always have a quote on writing, the author varies. And this time it was.... (Well you ought to be able to guess, after all this is ChesterTeens) .... G.K. Chesterton! The quote was:
The aim of good prose words is to mean what they say. The
aim of good poetical words is to mean what they do not say.

And I have just learned a new Chesterton quote, another favorite (I have so many favorites).

Note: If you are interested in the contest you can find the rules here( it's on pg. 12) if you move all the dates up 3 years, it will be exactly as it is in the newest issue, e.g. January 31 2004 should be January 31 2007.

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