Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"The Man Who Was Thursday" Discussion

I found this interesting blog recently, called "Veritatis Visio", where a discussion of The Man Who Was Thursday has just finished. There was also a discussion of A Tale of Two Cities which I enjoyed reading very much.


Ria said...

Aww, to bad it's over, it would have been fun to discuss, maybe we should do one on this blog.

Dr. Thursday said...

Why not? I for one will be very interested to hear your insights, questions, and comments. Anyway, discussions on REAL books are never "over" - they just move to a different location. Aren't we still discussing Homer's works, some 2500 years later? How about the Phantom Tollbooth? And even the Bible? Look at what St. John said: "the whole world isn't big enough to put all the books that could be written about Jesus." OK, not quite - for he said it in Greek, and he actually said "kosmos" which is lots bigger than the earth - so you see, there's still plenty of room.